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Clothes for dogs “Fashion Lapa”

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Welcome to dog clothes shop

«Fashion Lapa» — for hairy, for loved ones and tailed!

«FASHION LAPA» - is a clothes shop for small dogs.

Given the need to ensure the clothes of absolutely all breeds of small dogs, we always have in stock clothing for Yorkies, Chihuahua, Toy Terriers, Pugs, Pekingese, Chinese Crested, Spitz and other species. If by any chance you do not find the desired size, you can always order your favorite model under the individual order. Delivery time 3 day. Details about the clothes under the order can be found on the page Custom Tailoring. Pet Fashion Lapa gives the opportunity to each unique little dog.

The three main rules of our brand:

Uniqueness. We offer author's design - All models of individual and unique, carried out in a limited number manually.

The quality. We carefully picked fabrics, We care about the comfort and health of our dogs - we use only the most gentle and natural materials. Much attention is paid to the quality of the weld, that things were more than one season. In our clothes for dogs «Fashion Lapa» were taken into account all the features of the pattern models - on this our odyozhki not hesitate in the movements of your pet for a walk, and so it will frolic, as if he were in his native woolen their looks!

Availability. We are well guided in the prices of the product segment and carefully monitoring the market. We know "that what". So feel free to declare - here you can buy clothes and supplies for dogs at the most affordable price, combined with excellent quality.

Our funny slogan "Put this sobatsyuru в «FASHION LAPI» по figure!" not far-fetched statement, as we always follow the latest fashion trends of our four-legged pets, to give your doggie only the most relevant and vibrant model. We know, what styles are most popular right now, and that will be important next season. The number of our ideas and fantasies, designs and colors has no boundaries.

In our pet shop dog clothing you will find everything, what is necessary: elegant and at the same time easy board, weightless sundress, comfortable sports suit, T-shirts and suits for girls and boys, warm blouse, waterproof raincoats, Winter and demi overalls for dogs, all kinds of original accessories and a variety of supplies is now urgent.

Also, given the high popularity of some factory models (China), our pet store clothes for dogs «Fashion Lapa» expanded its range, that would satisfy every customer.

In our online clothing store for dogs, you will always find supplies for every taste and color. Regardless of the time of year here you will find your desired new clothes Doggie, fashionable and low-cost! We will continue to please you and surprise novelties.

What would be satisfied even the most demanding customers, who do not accept restrictions, we have a unique offer – individual sizes. You can order clothes for dogs on your own taste, Design options available odezhek choose in our store, color colors and sizes can be selected independently. For details, see the section Custom Tailoring.

Clothes for dogs brand «Fashion Lapa »produced in Ukraine, in Kharkov own handles with care and love for our four-legged mods! We are proud of this and hope for reciprocity.

As for China?

As indicated above, In our online store for dogs in addition to the author's clothes presented and factory (China). We are absolutely not ashamed. Now we have learned well, that practically all, that surrounds us in everyday life - in fact, produced in China and more often these things are not inferior in quality and reliability of the European. On this pet store Fashion Lapa is no exception. We are careful in selecting our suppliers, to provide you with supplies really good quality at low cost.

Our online dog clothes shop located is in the internet space in Kharkov. You can always call us (go to page "Contacts") and get advice on any, question you interested in..

If you do not know, what size of clothes is required - you can measure your own pet. How to do it is described in detail on the page "Size table". We strongly recommend that you make measurements of your dog, not to be mistaken with the size. We have comfortable dimensional line: XS — extra small (very small), S — small (little) , M — medium (average) , L — large (big), X L — extra-large, XX L — extra-extra large . Taking measurements dogs , guided when choosing the size of a large amount of clothes on the table. For example: if the length of the back L , and the volume of the breast M, the size of the dog L . Detailed measurements of the selected model will provide according to your desire.

Yes, during 14 days from the date you purchase the product, previously informed about the return our manager by phone. Prerequisites: Returns accepted due to defects or if we made a mistake and only if packaging and labels are not broken..

When ordering you're sure to specify the measurements of your doggie and thereby takes responsibility for providing measurements. Not to be mistaken in measurements read the information on the page "Size table". If you have made the same error in the cited yardsticks and you need a different size - we do exchange (choose another size of the available). When, If the required size was not available - we otoshёm according to your measurements specified model. Terms of tailoring can be found here. Services Delivery paid by the buyer.

Dog clothes shop Fashion Lapa in Ukraine makes delivery using courier services «Новая почта». In Kharkiv we have adress delivery option. Price 50-80 UAH. Self delivery is also available.. More details about possible delivery optioans you can find on page "Payment and delivery".

On page "Contacts" you can find links on our social pages. If you publish photos of your dog in our clothes for dogs or other supplies purchased from us at any of our social pages - we will give you discount 10 UAH. on your next purchase (when the cost of goods more than 80 UAH.) It applies to all items, except promotional items marked "sale", because these items also sold with a discount!