Sewing clothes for dogs


Компания Fashion Lapa осуществляет индивидуальный пошив по Вашим меркам в пределах НАШЕГО размерного ряда от XS до XXL (Смотрите Таблицу размеров

How to make an order:

1. We determine the model odyozhki. To review all of the fashions in our Shop on our website

2. Vыsыlaete we Merck vasheho dog. How to make measurements can be found here: and desired coloring (choose any coloring of your choice from the options presented on this page below), send your information: Full name, Number of new mail storage (if you need service) and your phone number. Embroidery can also choose your own. As an option — We can embroider the name of your doggie. Any Whim! All the details of the order agreed by phone.

3. You make prepayments 100 USD map «Private Bank» and wait 5 рабочих дней.

And Up: «All is ready!». You can get new clothes individually to the size of your pet.

Terms of tailoring clothes for dogs:

  • Prepayment by 100 UAH.;
  • Deadline — 5 days (in the season autumn-winter period of sewing can be increased to 14 days).

When ordering, you're sure to specify your doggie measurements and thereby take responsibility for providing the measurements.

You can choose any model, represented in our store befits own color scheme!

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