Round collar with adresnikom Collar GLAMOR

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Round collar with adresnikom Collar GLAMOR

Round collar for dogs made of leather. The best choice for long-haired dogs.

Colour: black; blue; red; Orange; lime; pink; yellow; Violet; menthol.


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Width 10mm 13mm 6mm 8mm
Length 17-20cm 20-25cm 25-33cm 33-41cm 39-47cm 45-53cm 53-61cm
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  • Bright color
  • Natural leather of the highest quality
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents
  • Nylon cord inside the structure
  • metal adresnik
  • A great choice for long-haired dogs

Round collar with adresnikom will provide an opportunity to return home to your pet, if he escapes or is lost. Adresnik – a convenient way to convey information about the animal and its owner. Adresnik and other fittings are made of high quality metal, which can withstand low temperatures, not subject to rust and not gnetsya.Seriya Glamor – is bright, cause, charming collars. they delight, attract the attention. They want to have. An excellent choice for those, who love all things new and sophisticated. Collar Glamor series looks more like a fashion accessory, than ammunition. When this has high strength, resistance to atmospheric agents. With proper selection of the size and the careful use will last a long vremya.S collar Collar GLAMOR harmoniously combined lead of the same series.

The collar has the following parameters, which will help you choose the right size. example:



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10mm, 13mm, 6mm, 8mm


17-20cm, 20-25cm, 25-33cm, 33-41cm, 39-47cm, 45-53cm, 53-61cm

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