PitchDog (PitčDog) – toy dog ​​ring, Ø20 cm

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PitchDog (PitčDog) – toy dog ​​ring, Ø20 cm

Toy for dogs of small and medium-sized breeds.

Diameter: 20 cm

Stuff: The foamed polymer


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Ring PitčDog (PitchDog) – it is a toy from a unique material, similar to, which is used in the manufacture Puller. It is lightweight and, at the same time very durable, It does not injure the gums and the teeth of the dog, It protects your hands while playing, and completely odorless.

It can bite, dog's teeth sink into the material, from what the dog gets the exclusive pleasure.

PitchDog help you spend with your pet with many memorable, cheerful and happy days, at the same time worrying about the dog's health in an entertaining way.

This toy allows you to fully appreciate the quality of, to go on a unique concept of two rings – Fitness shell PULLER

Main advantages:

  • soft (bite the dog's teeth, that brings them delight) and at the same time durable
  • safe for teeth and gums of the dog
  • floats, clearly visible from the shore
  • safe for the dog's health
  • like dogs
  • without smell

Diameter 20 cm

Attention! Do not leave your dog at PitchDog razgryzaniya.



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