Royal Canin MAINE COON KITTEN (Royal Kanin) dry food for kittens Maine coon

Kitten Maine Coon

Royal Canin MAINE COON KITTEN (Royal Kanin) dry food for kittens Maine coon

При покупке сухого корма Royal Canin MAINE COON KITTEN для котят фасовкой 2 kg. GIFT tunnel – a toy! + Бесплатная доставка по Харькову при покупке 2kg / 4kg !

Full-dry food for kittens breed Maine Coon.

The weight: 400g / 2kg / 4kg.

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The weight 2kg 400g 4kg
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Royal Canin MAINE COON KITTEN – полнорационный сухой корм для котят породы мейн-кун в возрасте от 3 to 15 months, as well as for pregnant and nursing cats of this breed. Specially designed cube-shaped croquettes, size and texture which are adapted to wide jaws kittens.

The weight: 400g / 2kg / 4kg .

Why choose a dry food from ROYAL CANIN:

  • Unique croquettes are encouraged to razgryzaniya, which contributes to oral hygiene;
  • A long period of healthy growth. For a long growth period in kittens Maine coon generated unique features of this large breed. Feed contains an adapted number of calories and proteins, a balanced mix of vitamins (in t. no. vitamin D) and minerals (in t. no. Calcium and phosphorus), which contributes to the proper formation of bones and joints for healthy growth and harmonious development;
  • Protecting the immune system kitten. It helps to maintain the natural protective mechanisms of the second phase of the period of growth thanks to the patented * complex of antioxidants, including as vitamin E;
  • The health of the digestive system – combination of high protein digestibility, более 90% (L.I.P. *) and a special type of fiber (plantain, FOS, ISA) It maintains the balance of intestinal microflora and normalizes stool quality. (It minimizes the smell of feces);
  • It helps maintain urinary tract health through proper balance of minerals.
RDA feeding

The daily rate of feed is indicated in grams.

follow, so that your kitten has always been fresh water!

Weight adult cat 4 kg 6 kg 8 kg
Age kitten, months
2 -3 61 76 91
3 – 4 61 – 65 76 – 83 91 – 99
4 – 6 65 – 68 83 – 88 99 – 107
6 – 9 68 – 63 88 – 83 107 – 100
9 – 12 63 – 55 83 – 72 100 – 88
12 – 15 55 – 48 72 – 65 88 – 79
A pregnant cat 64 – 99 85 – 131
nursing cat With no restrictions


Dehydrated poultry proteins, animal fats, rice, vegetable protein isolate *, corn, Wheat flour, hydrolysed animal proteins, vegetable fibers, beet pulp, yeast and their share, fish fat, soybean oil, fruktooligosaharidy, minerals , psyllium husks and seeds, yeast hydrolyzate (source manooligosaharidiv), borage, marigold extract (source of lutein), hydrolysed crustaceans (source of glucosamine), hydrolyzate of cartilage (source of chondroitin). * L.I.P. – proteins, selected for its very high assimilation.

* France, patent №EP1146870

**L.I.P.: especially selected proteins with a high degree of digestibility.
***supplements – Components, introduced during the production of feed.

The nutrient content of the final product analysis results.



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2kg, 400g, 4kg

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