Like Cord 5 – ball of string for puppies and small breeds

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Like Cord 5 – ball of string for puppies and small breeds

Ball to promote and enhance the gaming motivation puppies and small breeds: lasting, light, safe, It floats in water, noticeable in all conditions. Reliable and secure rubberized cord.

The diameter of the ball 5 cm
Length of cord 30 cm

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The ball is on a string Liker Cord 5 (Lajker Knife) - an ideal toy to encourage and enhance the gaming motivation dogs.

The diameter of the ball 5 cm
Length of cord 30 cm

  • It helps the dog to play
  • Increases workout intensity
  • It provides security master hand: special rubber cord does not hurt the hand, It creates a safe distance between the hand and the dog teeth
  • Convenient for games of war
  • Easily thrown a great distance
  • not toxic, gently bite through and does not injure the teeth / gums dogs.

Lajker Knife (Like Cord) - not just a ball! It is a toy, who loves you and your pet! Liker unique material allows it to combine the best properties of toys for dogs of different materials (rubber, plasty, nylon and cotton).


Liker lightweight and maneuverable. It's just throwing. When you throw the ball far, due to its unique shape, may slightly change the flight path, adding excitement to the game. In contrast to the heavy tennis, they can not break a window or knock off an object.


Games on the water will now be interesting. Liker not sink and is almost entirely above the water surface. Especially good to use it, If your dog does not like or does not know how to swim - with Liker will be easy to learn it.


The unique material from which is made Liker - not toxic, bite through and does not hurt the teeth and gums of the dog. Impossible balls hurt, since the material is elastic, though, but soft. Liker to a large extent and helpful. getting inside, dog's teeth cleaned. Dirty ball easily washed. On this material the dirt is not delayed, and therefore, and bacteria do not get into the dog's mouth.

The ball will delight your friend, and with it, and you! Liker is very difficult to lose! It will not sink into the snow, It will be visible in the grass and does not sink in water. And the color you look even in the overcast day.

Recommended after the game, hide Liker. In this case, your dog will experience a great interest in the ball, and each new game will begin with great enthusiasm.

We recommended to play under the supervision of. Keep, that your pet swallowed a ball or a part thereof.

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