Reusable diaper for UTEK PAD 50 dogs×50cm

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Reusable diaper for UTEK PAD 50 dogs×50cm

Waterproof diaper for UTEK PAD animals

Absorbent waterproof diaper for pets toilets reusable.

Fabric structure:

1-first layer: 100% polyester fabric – raschel knitted fabric 160 g / m2
2-second layer: 80% polyester – 20% rayon needle-punched nonwoven fabric 200 g / m2
3-All: 100% polyester 95 g / m2
4-first layer: breathable and waterproof polyurethane membrane 30 g / m2
5-first layer: 100% polyester knitted fabric 45 g / m2

Colour: blue

Benefits: *Waterproof; *Protection from ticks;* Dust-proof; *antibacterial; *Eco-Friendly;* Breathing; *The moisture-absorbing.

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Care instructions:
Ручная или машинная стирка при температуре 40°Ручная или машинная стирка при температуре не выше 95°При стирке не использовать средства, содержащие отбеливатели (хлор)гладить запрещенохимчистка запрещенаВысушивать при теплой температуре
What it is?
Rug used as a household toilet for cats and dogs of small breeds, where you can walk the irregular.
For growing puppy. He quickly learns to use the toilet only at her and the floor is always clean and dry.
Ideal for the confinement of animals.
For the postoperative period, for ill animals, who are forbidden to walk on the street.
For use in transporting pets in carrying or car seats.
To maintain cleanliness, when the animal is in unfamiliar surroundings, while traveling or in cases, when the dog is left alone at home for a long time.
The diaper is widely known among the owners of nurseries, veterinary clinics and private animal owners.

What is unique about UTEK PAD?
quickly absorbs the liquid in large volumes (to 2,5 l of 1m2)
absolute protection against leakage
no unpleasant odors
It dries quickly and does not slide
always dry foot pet
repeated use
wash for at least 300 times without loss of functional properties
It does not contain fillers, It does not emit hazardous chemicals
very strong fabric, which is difficult to chew or break

How it works?
Mat consists of four functional layers, interconnected by lamination technology. First (surface) UTEK PAD layer is made of high-tech fiber, which allows undesired fluid to rapidly pass into the middle layer and dries quickly. The liquid is absorbed, surface remains dry, a polyurethane membrane does not allow penetration of the liquid on the floor or other surface to be coated. In this way, liquid remains blocked in the intermediate layers. animal paws remain dry.

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