The advantages of silicone insulation in winter clothes for dogs

The advantages of silicone insulation in winter clothes for dogs

overalls FreshnessRecently, the market of clothes for dogs began to appear the product with new artificial heaters. They began to replace traditional padding polyester due to its practicality and durability.

The newest and gaining popularity among modern dandies and ladies, It has become such as silicone synthetic insulation. He has earned the popularity and trust of its customers through a number of advantages, which made winter clothes for dogs is even more warm and practical.

Silicone insulation has a special fiber structure, It is making it breathable, dense and durable. You will have no problems with washing of the suit, because silicone keeps excellent shape and not break, like padding polyester or other similar insulation. Wash clothes with silicone filler can be in a conventional washing machine, while selecting the desired mode, and, in addition, he is absolutely not afraid of frequent washings. Another advantage would lack hygroscopicity fiber, that prevents the absorption of moisture.

Silicone makes the fiber more elastic. therefore, buying a jacket or suit for dogs from Fashion Lapa with silicone insulation, Do not be afraid, that after the first wash, it will lose its appeal and the amount of. Such products will retain its appearance for a long time, even if you want to wash them every week. Also, thanks to silicone, fiber insulation are very mobile, so your clothes for dogs ideally will lay down on the figure and your little dog will be extremely comfortable to wear, without restricting movements.

Also worth noting, that the material is completely hypoallergenic and does not absorb odors, It is making it extremely hygienic. The silicone will not be able to reproduce the type of microorganisms like mites and insects, bites which can cause irritation and allergic reactions. In our shop presented a series of warm coveralls and jackets for dogs made on a silicon insulation material. Identify such clothes you can according to the description of goods in the store.

Besides, Silicone insulation perfectly fulfills its primary function - keeps you warm. You can be sure, that buying clothes for dogs with silicone, your pet is not exactly freeze. You can easily go for a walk, even in the dead of winter, Fashion Lapa and take care of warmth and comfort for your little dog in any weather conditions.

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